This is the outside of my dream house. It's a pretty big house that has money bushes growing on the front yard! I also think having a roller coaster in the backyard would be pretty cool. My dream car is a Chevy Camaro and that is why it's in the picture. I would also like to have a pool for relaxation. I think having a hot balloon in the backyard would be cool too, when there is nothing to do.

The interior of my house will also be pretty awesome. I really like black and grey, so I think that the living room should be those colors. on the left to the living room you will find my green room and a black and white walk in closet. If you take a right from the living room, you will be outside and relaxing in the hot tub. North of the living room, you will find the matching black and white dining room. on the left of the kitchen, you will find the bathroom, and to the left of the bathroom there is an indoor pool. On the right to the kitchen you will find an arcade and a bowling alley, for entertainment purposes. 

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