I am reviewing Ivan Parati’s SandPaper creation. This can probably be my favorite set of simple furniture created with cardboard ever. While scrolling down the list of artist and creations, this one seemed to attract me the most. I love the colors of the pillows and I love how good it looks, and yet it is so simple. I also love how every piece is movable, so you could set it up any way you like! Not only can it be used as a sofa, the pieces can also be stacked and used as a decoration. I love this set of cardboard. The fact that she could make such a simple design be so awesome, makes me happy. 
This right here is my favorite chair. It is located in my living room. I love it because its the first thing I sit on when I get home from school, work, etc. even though it doesn't sway, the whole chair could do a 360, which is entertaining when I have nothing else to do. The seat can recline so I could put my feet up and relax nicely