On February 27th, the Architecture class and I took a field trip to Bergmeyer Associates and BSA Space located in South Boston. We made our first stop at Bergmeyer Associates, where my teacher's past student, Dan Ricardelli, gave us a warm welcome to his work place. With the assistance of Janet Tattan, and Bill Spaulding, Dan was able to give us valuable information on his career and how the life of an architect functions. We learned many things, from learning what sustainability means (property of being sustainable), to understanding work ethics and preparing for writing resumes in the future. The building itself was also beautiful. Bill mentioned that trying to be environmentally friendly is a big factor to why the building is the way it looks, and even though some rooms don't have ceilings or the whole floor is just concrete, they made it look stunningly great. Later on, we headed the BSA Space building, where we were greeted by Mary Fichtner. She showed us around the space and told us everything she knew about the space. She even showed us a prototype for an apartment that is small, but perfect for a college student or just someone who wants a comfy living space. I learned that, according the ADA compliance, rooms must be big enough to be able to fit a person in a wheelchair, and I thought that was pretty neat. Below you will be able to see a few pictures I took during the trip: 

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