This is our beautiful cardboard room. Everyone in the class split up into a few group to do a piece of furniture for the room. I was in a group with Felicia, Gabby and Kelsey. We had to make a chair, but we decided to make it based off a bass cleff. the finished product can be seen above (Im sitting on it). We all had a blast doing our own projects, but we are also glad cardboard is out of our lives!

We finally did it. After a long time, Gabby, Kelsey, Flecia and I finally finished our cardboard chair. It was a very long process that I didn't really enjoy, but the finished product came out great. We first started with a few sketches. When we finally liked one sketch, we decided that we will make the prototype. The prototype wasn't as hard as I though it would be to make. It was just a bit difficult to be able to connect the cardboard without any tape or glue. When we finally were able to figure out how to put the prototype together, we made it and it came out pretty good. After the prototype, we started to build the actual size chair. It was very difficult to scale the prototype, since math isn't my thing. We eventually were able to scale it and started to cut the cardboard. I think the chair came out great.

Out of the 20 buildings on this site, the one that inspired me the most was definitely the Burj Khalifa. It is the world's tallest building at 828.9 meters high and it's just magnificent. I think it's incredible that humans can make something like this. Dubai is a beautiful place, but this building is the icing on the cake. 
Out of the 14 famous architects, I was only familiar with Charles and Ray Eames and Michelangelo. We learned about Charles and Ray in class, that is why I am familar with them, and I've heard of Michelangelo and his work on the Sistine Chapel. I think Michelangelo was a very interesting man. He was most famous for his paintings, but he's also known for doing paintings on buildings, like the Sistine Chapel. Besides being a artist and an architect, Michelangelo was also an engineer and a poet. Sadly, Michelangelo is really not that famous for being an architect, since he only has two buildings that really stand out to the people. Those two buildings being the Laurentian Library and the Basilica of St. Peter in Rome. His way with art really made his buildings stand out in a way that made him really well known. I think Michelangelo did a great job as an architect. I especially love the Basilica and would love to go visit one day. 
Michelangelo himself.
The Laurentian Library
Basilica of St. Peter
Sistine Chapel
Leda and the Swan
This is the outside of my dream house. It's a pretty big house that has money bushes growing on the front yard! I also think having a roller coaster in the backyard would be pretty cool. My dream car is a Chevy Camaro and that is why it's in the picture. I would also like to have a pool for relaxation. I think having a hot balloon in the backyard would be cool too, when there is nothing to do.

The interior of my house will also be pretty awesome. I really like black and grey, so I think that the living room should be those colors. on the left to the living room you will find my green room and a black and white walk in closet. If you take a right from the living room, you will be outside and relaxing in the hot tub. North of the living room, you will find the matching black and white dining room. on the left of the kitchen, you will find the bathroom, and to the left of the bathroom there is an indoor pool. On the right to the kitchen you will find an arcade and a bowling alley, for entertainment purposes. 
On February 27th, the Architecture class and I took a field trip to Bergmeyer Associates and BSA Space located in South Boston. We made our first stop at Bergmeyer Associates, where my teacher's past student, Dan Ricardelli, gave us a warm welcome to his work place. With the assistance of Janet Tattan, and Bill Spaulding, Dan was able to give us valuable information on his career and how the life of an architect functions. We learned many things, from learning what sustainability means (property of being sustainable), to understanding work ethics and preparing for writing resumes in the future. The building itself was also beautiful. Bill mentioned that trying to be environmentally friendly is a big factor to why the building is the way it looks, and even though some rooms don't have ceilings or the whole floor is just concrete, they made it look stunningly great. Later on, we headed the BSA Space building, where we were greeted by Mary Fichtner. She showed us around the space and told us everything she knew about the space. She even showed us a prototype for an apartment that is small, but perfect for a college student or just someone who wants a comfy living space. I learned that, according the ADA compliance, rooms must be big enough to be able to fit a person in a wheelchair, and I thought that was pretty neat. Below you will be able to see a few pictures I took during the trip: 
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I am reviewing Ivan Parati’s SandPaper creation. This can probably be my favorite set of simple furniture created with cardboard ever. While scrolling down the list of artist and creations, this one seemed to attract me the most. I love the colors of the pillows and I love how good it looks, and yet it is so simple. I also love how every piece is movable, so you could set it up any way you like! Not only can it be used as a sofa, the pieces can also be stacked and used as a decoration. I love this set of cardboard. The fact that she could make such a simple design be so awesome, makes me happy. 
This right here is my favorite chair. It is located in my living room. I love it because its the first thing I sit on when I get home from school, work, etc. even though it doesn't sway, the whole chair could do a 360, which is entertaining when I have nothing else to do. The seat can recline so I could put my feet up and relax nicely